Sunday, May 21, 2017

Doll Wig Tutorial Part 1 and 2

I thought these were interesting videos. I make cloth doll but I think that the method shown is something I'd like to try. I watched the second video with a great deal of interest. How she handles the middle part is really very cool :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Cloth Doll Artistry Challenge...... Number 2..

Mini challenge number 2...put a doll inside a frame.

I joined in the second mini challenge full of ideas...too many ideas. So many that I couldn't decide what to do.

In the end I chose to make a Frowning Francis pattern called "The Fairy and the Snail". I bought this pattern a very long time ago but I never got round to making it up. I printed the pattern so that it was much smaller than the original.

Making the fairy at a reduced size was a bit fiddly. I originally made her out of muslin but after turning and stuffing it had frayed too much. I remade her in deersuede. Much better to work with. The only problem is that deersuede doesn't have a good surface for making faces. To solve that I used clear gesso on the face first.

I didn't use the antennae idea for the snail from the pattern because they were just way too small to turn. I added some afterwards using pipe cleaners.

The frame I used was an old one with a few dings. To make it look nicer I used some paper to cover it and mod podge to seal it.
I took a picture before I put the frame on.......
and here is the finished project.
It's difficult to take a picture without glare but I think you get the idea.
It was a great project to do and something a bit different from what I've done in the past.

Cloth Doll Artistry

Take care:)